Newsletter 8

Newsletter 8

May 2015


Polypharmacy reviews : In May we are starting again to invite patients who are on numerous medications for a prolonged medication review visit. These invitations are based on an agreed list of patients with multiple medications that also reflects their overall medical risk factors and past medical history. We will set aside several appointments every week and invite these patients for a review. This has proven to be very successful last year and patients’ feedback was overwhelming positive.


Phone consultation : Please remember, when we book you for a phone consultation we also block the time required to speak to you in our surgery. However, on several occasions when we phone and can only leave a message on the answering machine because patients do not answer their phone. When we can,we do try and phone again at a later stage however this is not always possible as our surgeries are busy . Please make sure that when booking a phone consultation you inform us of your up-to-date phone number. Our receptionists usually will verify the number.


Shingles immunisation: This year’s shingles vaccination programme continues until 31 August 2015 and we continue to offer vaccination to all those who were aged 70 (routine cohort), 78 and 79 years on 1st September 2014, as well as those who were aged 70 years on 1st September 2013. If you fall into this group and wish to have the immunisation contact our receptionists for an appointment.


Painkiller and Anxiety medication: As in previous newsletters explained we are continuously trying to reduce the use of these medications. They are not recommended for long-term use and may in fact cause serious side effects on your liver ,respiratory and kidney function. They also can lead to addiction making it very difficult for you to stop these medications. We are trying hard to reduce the monthly amount of these medications and will invite patients more frequently for reviews. There also might be the occasion that you will receive a letter explaining why we reduced or changed your medication. Please remember that these changes are in YOUR best interest.


Childhood immunisation: Recently we noticed that a number of our pre-school children do not attend their scheduled appointment. Obviously we will contact everybody who did not attend for this immunisation but this is an unnecessary delay in your child’s protection. If you wish to reschedule the appointment for any reason please phone our receptionists and they will be helpful in finding a new appointment.

Please make sure you bring your children to their immunisation appointment. It will put your child and other children at risk if you do not have an up-to-date immunisation status for you child.

Prescription requests : Please phone between 9 am – 5 pm if you request a prescription and remember to allow 48 hours before you collect your prescription. New medication from hospital visits can only be prescribed once we have written confirmation from the hospital clinic for safety reasons.


In April, 24 patients did not turn up for their pre-booked appointments and 14 patients did not attend their appointment booked on the same day!

These patients did not cancel their appointments and it means 38 of our patients missed appointments in the last month.


Please help us and give us your correct current contact details to keep us up-dated at all times.


Remember, you can read this information regularly up-dated on our practice website (  If you do not have internet access please ask our receptionists for a print out of the up-dated newsletter which will be published on a regular basis.


Best Wishes,


Dr Michael Kohlhagen and Partners