Newsletter 3

A ) Our annual Influenza vaccination is now available. We will run evenings flu clinics and on Saturday mornings. We prefer that the children attend our practice nurses during the day time clinics rather than in the evening clinics. Please contact our receptionist for your flu vaccination. They will keep you right  and book an appointment for one of the clinics.

Who is eligible for a influenza vaccination ?

  1. all pre-school children (2-5 yrs) given in the practice
  2. Pregnant women (at any stage in pregnancy)
  3. All above 65 (those who are 65 or over on 31.03.15)
  4. All under 65 with risk factors (respiratory, heart, liver, neurological dis (Stroke, TIA, polio syndrome sufferers, MS, Cerebral palsy, neurological disease of the muscles and learning disability), Diabetic patients and immunosuppressed patients (ie Cancer patients, HIV patients etc), patients without a spleen, all nursing and care home patients), carers.

B ) We also continue with the  Shingles immunisation as mentioned in Newsletter 2. If you are 70, 78 or 79 years old on 01.09.14 you are eligible to receive the immunisation. We know that shingles can leave you with significant pain for prolonged time. The immunisation is supposed to reduce the severity and time you experience the pain caused by shingles. Phone and book in with the practice nurse to receive the immunisation.

C )  Over the next few months we will send invitations to patients with chronic disease, like Asthma, COPD, Diabetes mellitus, Mental Health problems see one of our nursing  team for an annual review. This is a good chance of discussing prevention of long term problems and medication issues. Please use this appointment and come.

D ) We already started phoning patients with longer than normal appointments to remind them of the appointment time. If necessary we can reappoint the patients or use the appointments for other patients. However, unfortunately we still experience a considerable number of patients who do not attend in advance booked return / review appointment. These appointments are deemed to be necessary by the doctors to review a medical condition after a previous consultation. Not attending these appointments can put patients at risk and the appointment is wasted.

Please remember it is very important to notify us if you can not come to your appointment. We always have patients waiting for appointments who could be seen by doctors and / or nurses instead.

E ) We are  still trying to install a phone queuing system to make it easier to contact us in particular  when you phone for an appointment in the morning. If you phone for other reasons than an appointment please phone after 9 am to ease our phone lines until we have the queuing system. Thank you for your help. We will keep you informed on the progress.

Please help us and give us your correct current contact details to keep us up-dated at all times.

Remember, you can read this information regularly up-dated on our practice website (  If you do not have internet access please ask our receptionists for a print out of the up-dated newsletter which will be published on a regular basis.

With Kind Regards to all our patients,

Dr Michael Kohlhagen and Partners