Newsletter 13

Newsletter 13

November 2016

Influenza vaccination :

The flu vaccination season is here again. If :

  • over 65,
  • you are pregnant,
  • you are a carer,
  • you have any chronic illnesses like heart and lung disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, neurological problems, or
  • on immunosuppressive medication.

Please contact our receptionist for your flu vaccination.

Annual reviews:

You may already have or will shortly receive an invitation for your annual review if you have :

  • Diabetes, Chronic kidney disease, COPD, Asthma, Rheumatoid arthritis, Mental Health Condition, Chronic Heart Disease

Make use of this opportunity to attend our nurses or doctors to discuss any issues you encountered regarding your condition. Please, quote the letter when arranging the appointment as you will need a longer time slot for the annual review.

 Baby immunisation clinics:

A new system will commence on 22.11.16. The new clinics will be held all day on Tuesdays, in Greenock Health Centre for all Greenock practices. The invitation for the new clinics (time and location) will be sent in the usual format to the parents.

The Current Self referrals for our patients are available.

    1.  Counselling and Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPN): If you have a problem like ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, STRESS etc and you think that counselling could help you, you can self-refer for counselling by phoning Tel 01475 – 558000.
    2. Alcohol related services: If you think you have a problem with drinking alcohol in excess and need some help to reduce and stop drinking you can directly contact the Wellpark Centre in 30 Regent Street Greenock (Tel: 01475 – 715353).
    3. Podiatry Diabetes Clinic : If you need to see a podiatrist you can phone the Podiatry appointment phone number 01475 501 208.
    4. Physiotherapy : For any joint or muscle aches you can ask our receptionists for a self-referral form to physiotherapy. You then complete and return it to our receptionists. They will forward it to the physiotherapy and you will receive an appointment via mail.
    5. Pharmacy : Please remember that for minor problems like runny noses, cough, earache, sore throat etc you can see a pharmacist at the minor ailment pharmacy clinic for initial advice. You do not always need to see a GP for these minor problems.

Please help us and give us your correct current contact details to keep us up-dated at all times.

 Remember, you can read this information regularly up-dated on our practice website (  If you do not have internet access please ask our receptionists for a print out of the up-dated newsletter which will be published on a regular basis.

With Kind Regards to all our patients,

Dr M Kohlhagen and Partners