Newsletter 10

Newsletter 10

October 2015

 A) Flu Season is back again – Influenza vaccination

Our annual influenza vaccination has started again. We will offer these vaccination during routine consultation.

  1. all pre-school children (2-5 yrs) given in the practice, if school children miss their vaccination contact us
  2. Pregnant women (at any stage in pregnancy)
  3. All above 65 (those who are 65 or over on 31.03.15)
  4. All under 65 with risk factors (respiratory, heart, liver, neurological dis (Stroke, TIA, polio syndrome sufferers, MS, Cerebral palsy, neurological disease of the muscles and learning disability), Diabetic patients and immunosuppressed patients (ie Cancer patients, HIV patients etc), patients without a spleen, all nursing and care home patients), if your body mass index ( BMI) is greater than 40
  5. All Carers

We have an open Flu clinic on Saturday 17.10.15. Starting at 9 am you can just come along and receive your vaccination if you are eligible. You don’t need to book an appointment for this clinic.  

B) Self – referral services are available for :

  • Counselling and Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPN): phone 01475 558000
  • Podiatry Diabetes Clinic : phone 01475 – 501 208
  • Physiotherapy : ask for referral form from our receptionists

C) Chronic Diseases :

Patients with chronic disease like Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Heart failure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mental health diseases etc will continue to receive letters of invitation for an annual review with our practice nurse and / or doctors. Please use this chance to have a check over, adjust your medication and discuss any worries you have about the management of your problem.
D) Shingles Vaccination :

We continues to vaccinate our elderly patient against shingles. This year we can offer the vaccination to 2 groups of patients:

  1. Everybody aged 70 years on 01.09.2015 ( ie born 02.09.1944 – 01.09.1945 )
  2. Everybody aged 78 years on 01.09.2015 ( ie born 02.09.1936 – 01.09.1937 )

If you fall into this category and wish to have the vaccination please see one of our practice nurses.


In September, 34 patients did not turn up for their pre-booked appointments and 12 patients did not attend their appointment booked on the same day!

These patients did not cancel their appointments and it means that a total of 46!!! of our patients had to wait unnecessarily for an appointment in September.

Obviously this is very unsatisfactory. Unfortunately we have no other options left and started sending warning letters to non-attenders and remove patients from our practice list who repeatedly do not attend their appointments.

Please help us and give us your correct current contact details to keep us up-dated at all times.

Remember, you can read this information regularly up-dated on our practice website (  If you do not have internet access please ask our receptionists for a print out of the up-dated newsletter which will be published on a regular basis.


Best Wishes,      

Dr Michael Kohlhagen and Partners