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Newsletter 12 June 2016  Holiday Travel : If you need any advice regarding travel vaccinations you can contact one of our practice nurses and they will be able to give … [continue] Newsletter

Newsletter 10

Newsletter 10 October 2015  A) Flu Season is back again – Influenza vaccination Our annual influenza vaccination has started again. We will offer these vaccination during routine consultation. all pre-school … [continue] Newsletter 10

Newsletter 8

Newsletter 8 May 2015   Polypharmacy reviews : In May we are starting again to invite patients who are on numerous medications for a prolonged medication review visit. These invitations … [continue] Newsletter 8

Newsletter 6

Influenza vaccination Compared to previous years the uptake of influenza vaccination amongst our patients is significantly higher. Nearly 80 % of all 65 year and older patient have received their … [continue] Newsletter 6

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